We Tried Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch and It’s Dill-icious

Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch blends two complementary tastes for a dill-lightful dip.

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Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch: It sounds like a MadLibs answer, or a farm that “Rick and Morty” might visit. But no, it’s a real dip put out by the Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing folks. Spoiler: It’s much better than the slightly horrifying Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream we tried recently. Much better.

Pickle-flavored foods are kind of a big dill—there’s pickle cotton candy, pickle vodka and even pickle candy canes. Dill Pickle Mountain Dew came out last year, and pickle ice cream is a thing. So really, Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch sounds way more normal than most of those pickle pursuits.

What Can We Expect from Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch?

Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch came about in a very 2023 way. According to a press release, Walmart buyer Katelynne Hinckley noticed a social media trend that combined a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch with a jar of pickles. That inspired the mega-store to join forces with Hidden Valley Ranch to produce the pickle-flavored dip. As for the flavor, it’s pretty straightforward—it’s supposed to be your regular Hidden Valley Ranch with a dash of tangy pickles.

Here’s What I Thought

Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch Gael Fashingbauer Cooper For Taste Of Home Chips And DipGael Fashingbauer Cooper for Taste of Home

I love pickles, and I love Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. But then again, I love ice cream, and I thought the Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream tasted like somebody in their test kitchen lost a bet. So I approached the Hidden Valley Pickle Flavored Ranch dip carefully.

But guess what? This dip is dill-icious. It’s got the herby, buttermilk goodness of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing or dip, and it’s only improved by the slight tang of dill pickles. Not too sour, not too saucy—it makes for an addictive blend of tastes.

I sampled the dip with potato chips, because, duh. The spices and kick of the pickle flavor are a heavenly complement to the salty chips. But I could also see using this dip in recipes, squirted onto a sandwich or burger, as a dip for French fries or even drizzled on a salad. I might even go as far as to say I prefer Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch to regular Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Pickle-haters, sorry, not sorry. I said what I said.

Where Can I Get It?

Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch comes in a 20-ounce squeeze bottle, and it’s exclusively available at Walmart stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $4.88.

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