Hershey’s Gold Kisses Are a Sweet and Salty Snack Lover’s Dream

Treat yourself to some Hershey's Gold Kisses!

Chocolate is always a delicious snack or dessert—and no one does chocolate better than Hershey’s. The company’s milk chocolate is a classic, but Hershey’s always surprises us with fun and creative flavors.

Take this Hershey’s Gold candy bar, for instance. Instead of milk chocolate, the bar is made of caramelized creme and filled with peanuts and pretzel bits. And now, you can get that decadent sweet and salty flavor in Hershey’s Kiss form!

What makes ’em Gold?

If you love sweet and salty snacks, you’ll love Hershey’s Gold Kisses. According to the package, the candy contains “caramel creme with pretzel bits.” This is a little different from the Gold bar because the Kisses don’t have peanuts. But even without the nuts, we’re still ready to munch on these all day long! (We bet they’d be delicious in one of these sweet recipes, too.)

Where can I find Hershey’s Gold Kisses?

You can find this delightful sweet ‘n’ salty treat at Walmart. It doesn’t seem to be stocked at all stores, though. If you’re curious to see where you can pick up a bag, check out the product on the Hershey’s website. Just click the ‘Buy Now’ button to see if these Kisses are in stock near you. They come in a shareable 9.6-oz package, so we know you’ll want to grab more than one bag!

If you can’t find Hershey’s Gold Kisses, one of these desserts should satisfy your sweet (and salty!) tooth.

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