Hershey’s Changed Their Chocolate Bar Design for the First Time in 125 Years—Here’s Why

The kids will LOVE the new Hershey's chocolate bar design!

It’s a historic moment for Hershey’s. For the first time in the brand’s epic 125-year existence, the company has decided to give its iconic chocolate bar a makeover. The latest incarnation of everyone’s favorite candy features a few oh-so-familiar emoji faces.

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What do the bars look like?

The new Hershey’s chocolate bar design is adorned with 25 emoji—including a laughing face, heart eyes and the sunglasses emoji. What’s more, there are six different package designs to collect along the way.

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Why mess with a classic?

While there’s no doubt that the bars sound fantastic, it’s easy to wonder why Hershey’s would mess with the classic look. After all, chocolate has quite a fascinating history.

The reason is fairly simple: Kids love emojis! A picture is worth a thousand words, and new generations have grown up communicating with emoticons. The new Hershey’s chocolate bar design reflects that idea and adds an interactive dimension to the treat.

The idea is that not only can kids enjoy the sweet taste of a chocolate bar, but they can also use it to reach out to friends, family and loved ones. According to research from Hershey’s, a whopping 87% of children said that they would share the new Hershey’s chocolate bar design with others. Nice.

“Our classic Hershey’s bars were made to be shared with others,” said Kriston Ohm, senior manager, Hershey’s brand in a press release. “By adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, we hope that parents and kids are inspired to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new.”

Where (and when!) can I buy the bars?

Feeling emotional, yet? If you’re hoping to get your hands on the new Hershey’s chocolate bar design, you’re going to need to act fast. The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars will come in standard and snack size packages. They are set to launch in the summer but will only be available for a limited time.

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