Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut the Ends off Strawberries

You miss the best part of the berry if you're doing this.

Hooray for strawberry season! Reliable BFF of rhubarb and enchanting dance partner to chocolate, the simple, gorgeous strawberry is on all our must-eat lists this time of year. Does anything sound nicer than sipping luscious strawberry cocktails or tucking into sun-kissed strawberry desserts on a spring afternoon? Indeed, nothing says “welcome, spring!” like these heart-shaped (and heart-stealing) berries.

But are you making the most of your pretty haul? Not if you’re making this simple mistake.

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Why Shouldn’t You Toss the Tips?

They’re the sweetest part of the whole berry. And the reason this seed-covered little point is the tastiest part? Gravity. Yep, it’s so simple, it’s shocking. As the ripening berry hangs by the cap on its stem, gravity pulls naturally occurring sugars down into the tip. This makes the strawberry tip the sweetest, choicest part. And when you toss those tips (read: if you don’t like their knobby, seedy appearance), you’re letting go of the most flavorful part.

How to Really Cut a Strawberry

Be sure when you’re slicing berries, to eat now or freeze for later, that you cut them vertically, from cap to tip. That gives each slice a little bit of that sweet ol’ magic.

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