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Here’s How One Busy Mom Conveniently Gets Her Kids Ready for Any Activity

Let’s face it: Time is a scarce resource when you’re a mom. (Sanity can be, too, but that’s a whole other topic...) 

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With the birth of my second daughter last fall, I became a working parent of two kids under two. So I was more than open to suggestions about how to save time, money and hassle.

That’s when a savvy mom friend told me about Walmart pickup and delivery. “It’s the best!” she said. “Seriously, you’ll never go back to shopping in-store again.”

I was already hitting up my local Walmart Supercenter about once a week. But I always shied away from pickup because A) I figured I’d have to pay extra and B) I worried my order wouldn’t be right.

It turned out my reservations were wrong. To my great surprise and delight, Walmart curbside pickup is free. (And unlimited delivery through Walmart+ costs only $98 a year.) That’s a big advantage over some stores that apply a surcharge for every single item or charge a fee for pickup.

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I also learned I didn’t need to worry about missing items and bruised produce. According to my account, I’ve placed 45 pickup orders since September 2020. Guess how many had major issues? That would be a big, fat zero.

I’m now a total convert to Walmart pickup and delivery. And I’m loving it even more now that it’s summer and things are gradually returning to normal. My family and I are stepping out and going to the zoo, the pool, the park and the beach after being housebound for so long.

What I don’t love is the very long list of items we need for these outings. Parents, you know what I’m talking about: diapers, wipes, sunscreen, hats, swimsuits, hand sanitizer, toys, bug spray, sunglasses, snacks, sippy cups, a change of clothes in case an accident happens. I’m sure I’m forgetting something here!

That’s where Walmart pickup is my saving grace. I can literally buy any of the above at Walmart and it’s so easy to do.

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As I notice I’m running low on items, I simply add them to my list in the Walmart app. Sometimes my list has everything from tomatoes to baby food to a power cord on it. That’s because Walmart’s got everything your family needs under one very large roof.

When I’m happy with my list and meet the $35 minimum order requirement, I schedule my pickup time. But before I do, the app serves up a list of items I normally buy and asks if I want to add them to the order. This feature is absolutely genius because mom brain is for real, y’all.

From there, I simply drive to the pickup area at the allotted time, pop my trunk and wait as the friendly associate fills my trunk with the goods.

I love being able to schedule a pickup around my schedule. It doesn’t matter if it’s after a morning visit to the zoo or after an evening baseball game—it’s so easy to fit grocery shopping into these busy summer months.

I’ve done Walmart pickup dozens of times and it still feels a little magical. It really is amazing how much time—and money—I’m saving.

We all know Walmart has great prices. I’ve maximized those savings even more by switching to Walmart brands like Equate, Great Value and Parent’s Choice baby products. (The diapers are fantastic!)

This summer, skip the store and try out Walmart pickup and delivery. You’ll save so much time (and hard-earned dollars). And that’ll free you up to do the most important thing: have fun in the sun with the ones you love.

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