Heinz Is Officially Making Mayoracha and Honeyracha Happen Right Now

Heinz is dropping two new sriracha hybrids—Honeyracha and Mayoracha—and we're about to put them on everything.

Long gone are the days of outfitting your hot dogs and sandwiches with the standard ketchup and mustard. We’re not saying goodbye to bottled condiments, like Japan and its ingenious mayo slices. But as far as the condiment revolution goes, Heinz is definitely ahead of the curve. In 2018, Heinz released Mayochup, the hybrid of mayonnaise and ketchup.

Now, there are two new kids on the block. Mayoracha and Honeyracha are here to spice up your sandwich!

Step Aside, Regular Sriracha!

Mayoracha is exactly what it sounds like, the creamy blend of mayonnaise and sriracha perfect for all your mealtime cravings, from burgers to sushi. Every bottle packs in a punch of heat that’s as spicy as it is indulgent. Honeyracha may not seem so obvious, combining the sticky goodness of honey with sriracha to turn up the spicy sweetness of any dish.

Both all-new condiments come in 16.6-ounce bottles. They’re joining the Heinz permanent roster with Mayochup, Mayocue, Mayomust and Kranch. All we’re wondering now is…where is honey mustard sriracha?

This is how long mayonnaise will last in the fridge.

When to Find the Saucy Sauces

The best news is that you won’t have to wait around for too long. Both Honeyracha and Mayoracha will hit shelves nationwide next month, just in time for planning a summer barbecue. Each sauce retails at $3.79 and will most likely be available at major retailers, like Walmart and Target.

If you need more to chew on until then, give these other unusual condiment flavors a try. (Personally, we’re putting Avocado Sauce on everything.)

Mayoracha BELONGS on Your Next Sandwich!
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