We’re OBSESSED with This Fancy Apron

We've been seeing Hedley & Bennett aprons popping up on our Instagram feeds and on all sorts of cooking shows. Here's what it's like to don one at home.

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To some, donning an apron in the kitchen may seem old-fashioned. To me, it’s second nature. When I was a little girl, my mom would fold one of her aprons in half and tie it around my waist. As I got older, I began to make my own aprons to keep me clean as I baked.

While I love my assortment of homemade aprons, I’m always looking to expand my collection (after all, more aprons means I can hold off on doing laundry for a bit longer). That’s why I decided to give into all the internet hype and try a Hedley & Bennett apron.

What’s the Deal with Hedley & Bennett?

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While you may not have heard of the brand, we bet you’ve seen Hedley & Bennett aprons. They’re popular among professional chefs and are often spotted on cooking shows like Top Chef. Heck, even Timothee Chalamet was spotted wearing one of these aprons during his SNL appearance.

Hedley & Bennett was founded by Ellen Bennett, a professional cook, back in 2012. According to her website, Ellen said the basic aprons she wore in restaurant kitchens would literally fall apart. “So I set out to make a better one,” she says. “Something as beautiful and thoughtful as the food I loved to make.”

Now 10 years later, this booming business supplies professional and home cooks alike with aprons that’ll stand up to the wear and tear of the kitchen. The business has also expanded beyond aprons, you can get hats, masks and shoes made with the same dedication to kitchen performance.

What Features Make This Apron Special?

Now, you may be wondering what an apron that’s designed by chefs for chefs is like. Here are the special features that I noticed right away as I put mine on for the first time:

  • Adjustable neck loop: How many times have you put on an apron only to find that the bib hangs somewhere closer to your belly button than your neck? This happens to me all the time. But don’t worry about this apron—it’s outfitted with a neck loop that can easily be adjusted.
  • Long ties: No one wants to put on an apron only to struggle with getting the ties to loop around their body in a way that’s comfortable. With super long ties, you can be sure you’ve got enough length to tie this apron however you like—in a knot, in a bow, in the back or in the front.
  • The colors: The all-white kitchen aesthetic is not for me, so as you can imagine, getting to pick from a huge rainbow of apron colors is a joy. At home, I have a bubblegum pink apron and am already eyeing up this tie-dye version.

Putting a Hedley & Bennett Apron to Good Use

Lisa Kaminski in Hedley & Bennett apronLisa Kaminski/Taste of Home

So what’s it like to actually wear one of these aprons in the kitchen? Spoiler alert: It’s a dream.

The adjustable neck strap and long, long ties were absolute game-changers for me. Getting the bib of the apron right where I wanted it and being able to wrap the ties around myself twice felt great. With those adjustments, I was ready to cook plenty of meals and bake up plenty of desserts.

Besides the great fit, this apron also has a super handy chest pocket that’s the perfect size for your phone. I like to have mine close by to double-check a recipe I found on Pinterest, set timers or call up my mom for some tips on getting her potica just right. It’s little details like this that take this from being a good apron to being a great one.

There are also pockets by the waist of the apron too. These are great for keeping towels and hot pads nearby. And I’m not only a digital baker; I used these pockets to stash recipe cards as I work.

Of course, after a few wears this apron needed to be tossed in the wash. But when it came out, dare I say it was even better than wearing it the first time? The sturdy canvas softened up a bit after a few spins in the washer so it’s not quite so stiff. And I had no problems whatsoever with lingering stains. Drips of chocolate babka filling and bits of grease spatter from frying pierogi were nowhere to be found (and, nope—I didn’t pretreat the fabric).

Outside of all these pros, I have to say I really like the style of these aprons. You know the phrase look good, feel good; it applies in the kitchen, too. Donning this fancy apron makes me feel like an accomplished baker and ready to tackle major baking projects.

The Bottom Line

Yes, these aprons are spendy (they range from $75 to $95), but after putting mine through its paces (that’s countless recipes and washings) for over a year, I can say it’s worth every penny for folks that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Do I wish they were more affordable so I could have one in every color? You bet! But having just one hanging on a hook in my pantry is still a joy.

If you cook or bake frequently, I definitely recommend trying one of these aprons out. Another good idea: Put it on your wish list! These make great gifts for yourself as well as cookie bakers, newlyweds or grillers.

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