This Heated Blanket for Car Rides Is What You Need for Winter

No heated seats? No problem. Just pack a heated blanket for car rides, school pick up and road trips.

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Where I live, winter is brutal. The temperatures hover well below freezing, it gets dark before 4 p.m. and snow piles up week after week. The kicker? This starts in November and lasts usually until March or April, so it’s six months of undesirable weather.

Now, if you have a car with heated seats, leaving the house isn’t so bad. You can bundle up, dash to the car and be warm and toasty in minutes. But not everyone has this luxury. It seems that for this very reason, this heated blanket for car rides and quick errands is now extremely popular.

Why People Love This Heated Blanket

Amazon reviewers rave about this $25 blanket. For one husband, the blanket was a “marriage saver.” Mark says, “I bought this blanket for my wife and it has made a world of difference.” In his cold and snowy New Hampshire winters, there’s no more fighting about the temperature controls!

That’s not the only husband-and-wife duo raving about this blanket, though. Wraithdude says, “My wife seems to have been born on the sun, which means that she’s always cold when we drive just about anywhere.” Not anymore! Now he can stay cool and his wife and can stay warm under her blanket.

If you have to scrape snow and ice off your car in the morning, Jessica recommends that you plug this blanket in first, “then once I’m done cleaning my car off the blanket is nice and toasty!” Genius.

The blanket is cozy itself, even without being plugged in. But once it’s warmed up, the heated blanket gives off enough heat to keep you comfortable for the duration of your trip. It also comes in a variety of colors and flannel patterns, so you can gift the perfect blanket (or keep it for yourself).

The blanket, which is made by the company Stalwart, plugs into a 12-volt socket in your car. (If you have a USB outlet in your vehicle, you can purchase one of these converters to use the blanket, too.) The cord itself is 96 inches long, so if your 12-volt outlet is in the back of your car, you should still be able to bundle up under the blanket in the front seat.

How to Stay Cozy This Winter

Staying warm this winter goes beyond a cozy car ride. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you endure the freezing temps more comfortably.

Cook warm and toasty food. This one is a given. After hours shoveling the driveway, nothing warms you up like a hot meal. Think homemade chili or a hearty pot roast. Even something as simple as a warm bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can do wonders for your cold bones.

Dress for the weather. We’re talking layers, people! Swap out your gloves for a pair of heavy-duty mittens, and maybe even toss some hand warmers in there. Check out these other winter survival tips to help you get through the cold season.

Keep your car stocked. Though we never think we’ll get caught in the snow, it’s best to anticipate that it could very well happen. To plan for emergencies, keep your vehicle stocked with items to keep you warm in the event you lose heat. Think mittens, blankets, socks, hand warmers, an extra jacket and a pair of boots—you can never be too prepared for emergency situations.

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