‘Halloween Trash’ Cookies Will Be Your New Favorite Spooky Season Recipe

This Halloween recipe is made with mini Reese's cups, candy corn, mini Butterfingers, sprinkles and more!

Like dump cakes or dirt cake, “trash cookies” are one of the concepts that sound gross in name but are delicious in practice. Not too long ago, we shared the recipe for Santa’s Trash. Now, just in time for trick-or-treat season, we bring you the recipe for Halloween trash cookies—and it’s spooky good!

If you’ve ever faced a glut of leftover Halloween candy (we know—it’s a foreign concept to us, too) and don’t know what to do with all the mini Reese’s and packs of M&Ms, trash cookies are for you.

What’s in the Recipe?

Technically, anything goes here. You can make a basic cookie dough, but don’t have to start from scratch. It’s fine to use premade cookie dough here. Then, prepare the filling by chopping up candy like:

  • M&M’s
  • Rolos
  • Twix
  • Butterfinger
  • Three Musketeers

You can also use candy corn or sour gummies to make things weird—or balance our the sugar by adding salty nuts, pretzels or potato chips to the mix. Then, bake according to directions on the dough packaging or in our basic dough recipe.

If you’re inspired but like to have a more formal recipe, check out our candy bar apple salad and Butterfinger cookie bars, plus a dozen other options for using up more of your Halloween stash.

How to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

It’s possible that trick-or-treating could be adapted to our changing times and Halloween will look a little different this year. You can skip the parades and haunted houses and still have a spooky fall holiday, though. We like the idea of sending treats to friends and family, and this recipe for Halloween trash cookies is the perfect thing to share.

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