8 Ways to Dress up Your Porch This Halloween

Get in the Halloween spirit with these easy DIY decorations for your front porch.

Table with two pies and a branch center piece including a pine cone filled jarCountry Woman

Halloween is nearly here, which means it’s the perfect time for ghoulish tunes, sweet treats and ghostly decor. This is the perfect year to get down with your spooky self, because these DIY front porch decorations are so easy, it’ll feel like they came together by magic.

Black cans stacked together with "BOO" written out in holes on themCountry Woman

1. Can It

Spookily illuminate your porch with these adorably lit, upcycled cans.

What you’ll need:
3 clean tin cans
black spray paint made for metal
marker or pencil
spring clamp
drill with metal drill bit or a block of wood and hammer
orange tissue paper
hot glue gun or tape
battery-operated candle

How to make it: Spray cans black; allow to dry. With the marker, write B O O—one letter on each can—in dots about a millimeter apart, making sure the marks are in the valleys of the can. One at a time, clamp the cans to a table and drill or hammer in the marked holes, making sure to go through the can. Cut a piece of orange tissue paper about half an inch larger than the lettering and hot glue or tape to the inside of the can behind the punched holes. Drop a battery-operated candle into each can, and let them flicker all Halloween-night long.

2. Floating Hats

Create your own magical illusion.

What you’ll need:
6 temporary hanging wire hooks
6 witch hats
measuring tape
fishing line
sewing needle

How to make them: Adhere the wire hooks to your porch ceiling, in your desired arrangement, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut 3 pieces of fishing line 2 feet long, and an additional 3 pieces of fishing line 3 feet long. Then, using a sewing needle, thread one of the cut strings through each of the witch hats, securing the string with a knot on the inside of the hat. Create a loop at the opposite end of each of the strings by doubling the last 2 inches and knotting the string around itself, leaving a half-inch long loop. Hang the hats, alternating the string lengths to create this Halloween optical illusion.

White jack-o-lantern with a bouquet of flowers popping out its topCountry Woman

3. Jack-O’-Planter

Combine two harvest staples with a beautiful pumpkin planter.

What you’ll need:
pumpkin carving tools
vase that is smaller/shorter than chosen pumpkin
bouquet of autumn flowers

How to make it: Begin by cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin and carving a desired pattern or face on the pumpkin, double-checking that the hole at the top of the pumpkin is large enough for your vase to fit. Place the vase within the pumpkin (making sure it fits snugly) and fill it with water and the autumn bouquet. Place it on your front steps.

4. Boo-rific Bushes

Keep a monstrous eye on trick-or-treaters with these giant peering eyeballs.

What you’ll need:
2 sheets of white craft foam
1 sheet of black craft foam
large bowl
cup or mug
hot glue gun
craft wire, if desired
tape, if desired

How to make it: On each sheet of white craft foam, trace and cut a circle using a large bowl. Then, using a cup or mug, trace and cut 2 circles on the black craft foam. To create eyeballs, hot glue the black circles onto the white circles. Place the eyeballs close to each other in the branches of a shrub. If desired, tape a small length of wire to the back of each eyeball, twisting the wire around the branches to secure the eyes.

5. Get Leafy With It

Make the most of fallen leaves and branches with this elegant wreath.

What you’ll need:
leaves and foliage
paraffin wax
disposable pan
grapevine wire
wire cutters
waxed paper
hot glue gun

How to make it: Collect fall leaves, berry sprays, branches, acorns and pine cones. If the leaves haven’t yet completely dried out, dry and press them. Cut paraffin wax into cubes with a knife and melt completely in a disposable pan, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Holding the stem, dip each leaf in wax, coating the front and back, and allow excess wax to drip off before placing on waxed paper to set. Create a wreath shape with the grapevine wire, twisting a second length of wire around the first. Next, form a small loop of spare grapevine wire to hang the wreath and attach by twisting it around the wreath. To finish, arrange leaves and other foliage around wreath, attaching with hot glue and allowing to dry. Hang on your front door and enjoy all fall long.

Colored bushes the the front yard decorated like a mummy, spider and Frankenstein's monsterCountry Woman

6. Monster Bales

Litter your porch with these friendly looking monsters.

What you’ll need:
3 straw bales
spray paint in green, black and white
crafting foam
paper rolls
1/2-inch black foam piping
8 bendable aluminum rods, 3/16″ x .035 gauge
hot glue gun

How to make them: For each of the bales, spray-paint according to the instructions below; let dry completely. Cut eyes and a mouth from craft foam, then hot glue to bales.

Frankenstein’s Monster—Spray-paint the upper quarter of a hay bale black; paint the rest green. Add stitches with craft foam, and form neck bolts by hot gluing 2 inches of painted paper rolls to the sides of the bale.

Super Spider—Cut 8 lengths of foam piping so they reach from the top of the bale, arching up and back down to the ground. Stick 8 aluminum rods in the top of the bale, leaving a few inches sticking out. Hot glue foam legs to the rods, and curve the legs into an arched position.

Mummy—Wrap bale in cheesecloth and hot glue into place.

Sheaf of WheatCountry Woman

7. Sheaf of Wheat

Decorate your porch with a natural fan of wheat with this simple sheaf.

What you’ll need:
100 wheat stalks
sharp scissors
raffia or ribbon

How to make it: To start, lay out wheat stalks, lining them up so the head of each is even with the straight edge of your work surface; gather into bundle. Mark 3-1/2 inches from the bottom of the wheat heads down the stems. At the mark, secure the bundle with twist-tie, making sure not to bend the stems. Cut the bottom of the stems evenly to the desired height (ours were about 18 inches). Gently tap the bundle on a flat surface until the stems spread several inches and the bundle stands on its own. Tie raffia or ribbon around the twist-tie for a decorative touch. Be sure to keep away from jack-o’-lantern flames and curious black cats.

8. Door to the Monster Mash

This face on your front door will show the mosters where to go.

What you’ll need:
black crafting foam, approximately 6 sheets, depending on door size
painter’s tape

How to make it: Trace an eye on a piece of foam, cutting it out when you’re happy with the shape. Use the cut-out eye as a stencil for the other eye by flipping it over and tracing the shape on another sheet of foam; cut when finished. Next, trace the shape of a spooky mouth on additional foam (you’ll have to continue the mouth shape on multiple sheets to achieve the length shown here). Cut two small nostrils out of scrap foam pieces and adhere the shapes to your door using painter’s tape on the back.

Put together one or more of these oh so cute decorations, and start counting down the days to All Hallows Eve!

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