Guy Fieri Is Opening a Restaurant at Disney World

It's called "Chicken Guy!" and in true Guy Fieri form, the exclamation point is, well, on point.

Food Network star Guy Fieri is bringing his blend of lights-out deliciousness to Disney Springs. The restaurant is named Chicken Guy!—with the exclamation point for added Fieri-ness—and is slated to open in August. It’s a collaboration between Fieri and restaurateur Robert Earl—the duo’s second Disney Springs restaurant, after the Planet Hollywood Observatory.

If you’re headed to see the Mouse this fall, be sure to check it out (along with these Taste of Home picks for the best food at Disney).

What’s on the Menu?

In true Fieri form, the vibe at the fast-casual style Chicken Guy! promises to be funkalicious, with a wide-ranging menu to satisfy picky children and their park-exhausted parents.

True to the name, chicken takes center stage at this joint—specifically, chicken tenders, served up “hand-pounded to maximize crunch.” The chicken is also brined in lemon, pickle juice and buttermilk, and infused with herbs, according to the Disney Food Blog. The tenders can be ordered fried or grilled, and served as a sandwich, on a skewer or atop a salad.

You have 20 different sauces to choose from—and if Donkey Sauce turns out to be one of them, righteous! (We’ve got our fingers crossed.) In a press release issued by Disney World, Fieri said, “It’s all about the real deal, all-natural chicken but lemme tell you, our sauce game is on point.”

Dude, we’re holding you to that!

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A Festival of Funk

For anyone who loves the magic that is Disney, you can go all out with a long list of over-the-top Chicken Guy! treats. It’s the comfort food you crave, like Guy Fieri’s Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese, plus unexpected twists like the Cinnamon Apple. That’s vanilla soft serve topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks cereal! Fairly certain we’ll be needing a copycat recipe for that ASAP, to go along with our best Disney copycats!

Sides include fried pickles (yes, please) and freshly-made slaw. Oh, and the festival of funk continues with another dessert—you knew there wasn’t just one to choose from—the Triple Double Ice Cream Treat. Think chocolate and mint, and lots of everything.

With plenty of dining space both indoors and out, Chicken Guy! also promises to deliver grab and go packaging, should guests prefer to enjoy their bomb-dot-com tasty food while park hopping. You know, in search of that secret cinnamon roll burger we’ve been hearing about.

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