100-Year-Old Woman Says Guinness Is Key to Long Life

Her theory kind of makes sense, though!

When it comes to celebrating a significant moment, getting together with a group of friends, or just unwinding on the couch after a long day, an alcoholic beverage tends to pair perfectly with those situations. But it never really was considered something to consume in terms of health, until recently that is. According to a 100-year-old British woman, her secret to living a long life is pretty simple: Drink a daily glass of Guinness.

Some say Diet Coke (like this 104-year-old woman), some even say mushrooms, but Doris Olive Netting swears by the popular Irish stout.

Netting celebrated her 100th birthday this month with a Guinness-themed birthday party at her care-home in Plymouth. There were Guinness balloons, a life-model of the Guinness toucan logo, a hamper from Guinness themselves (who were thrilled when hearing of Netting’s Guinness-drinking habit), and even a telegram from Queen Elizabeth II.

So, Why Guinness?

Surprisingly, Netting hasn’t been making up the idea of Guinness being great for your health. It was actually a key point in Guinness’ marketing campaign after the war. Guinness advertised that drinking this Irish stout will actually help with iron intake (given that it’s loaded with iron). Since rations were small back then, having a Guinness could help with getting that nutrient that was harder to get elsewhere.

It Was Enough to Convince Her

That small marketing campaign was enough to convince Netting, who was in her early 30s at the time. She immediately bought a mini bottle of Guinness a day for the rest of her life.

“She refuses to go a day without drinking it,” said Netting’s daughter in an interview with The Independent. “She reckons that’s why she’s lived for as long as she has, because of the iron intake through Guinness.”

Sounds like enough of an excuse for us to drink up! Or maybe it’s enough of an excuse to cook one of these 16 recipes to make with Guinness and indulge this decadent Chocolate Guinness Cake.

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