Golden Girls Cereal Is a Real Thing, and Available Now!

It must be a St. Olaf miracle! In honor of one of our favorite '80s sitcoms, Golden Girls cereal is available now—complete with a prize inside!

When it comes to ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls, we can’t get enough of the foodie crossovers, like the upcoming cookbook. And now there’s a new addition to the Golden Girls foodie family: cereal!

Where to Get Your Golden Girls Cereal Fix

In honor of this classic, Target partnered with pop-culture company Funko to bring us Golden Girls Cereal. This breakfast treat is a Target exclusive that you might track down in the breakfast aisle, or in the toy department. Or if you pester the sales associates enough there may even be boxes squirreled away in the back!

(Ever wonder why you can never leave Target without spending a mint? Yeah, we can’t, either.)

The cereal consists of multigrain Os that are a very vivid shade of aqua blue. (A nod, perhaps, to seaside Miami where the show was set.) Though there is no clue as to the flavor of these bright blue Os on the package, we hear they have a very pleasant fruity taste like that of Trix or Froot Loops.

And if having a breakfast cereal themed on one of your favorite old TV shows isn’t enough, then how about this: a collectible toy hidden inside! You will find a cute little Pocket Pop figurine of Rose in every box. Yes, relive that childhood thrill of digging through the cereal to find the prize at the bottom. (We know nobody ever waited to finish all the cereal!)

Psst: If you’re not a cereal fan, you can get all four Pocket Pops without ever tearing open a box.

Want More Pop Culture at the Breakfast Table?

This is not the first pop culture cereal that Funko has introduced. The company famous for its bobble heads and Pops! figures began earlier this year with cereals themed for Batman, Lord of the Rings, the cartoon Thundercats, and other cult-favorite shows and movies. Their Golden Girls cereal is the first one based on a sitcom, and has us excited to see what other TV-themed goodies we can look forward to. Happy Days? Mork & Mindy? Cheers!-ios, perhaps? With bowl and spoon in hand, we can’t wait to find out!

Picture it... You making these Golden Girls-approved cheesecakes!
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