Ginger Sprite Is Being Released Across the Country, and It’s Already Our Favorite

Is this Sprite even better than ginger ale?

It seems like just yesterday that we sipped on Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite. But it’s been months since that debut, and now there’s a fresh flavor of Sprite coming to stores near you. Start looking for Ginger Sprite!

Ready for a Tasty Kick?

We’ve tasted popular brands of ginger ale to find which has the perfect balance of ginger, fizz and sweetness. That means we have high expectations for this Sprite flavor, and we’re hoping for a lot of the same same qualities. With this new flavor of Sprite, we expect a refreshing blend of lemon and lime with a hint of ginger. We don’t know if the ginger-flavor will be as prominent as in ginger ale, but we’re definitely looking forward to this flavor combination.

Sure, a ginger-flavored soda may not give you all the health benefits of ginger, but it can’t hurt to treat yourself to this new drink.

When to Find Ginger Sprite

Ginger Sprite hit a limited number of stores in New York first. In fact, there were already billboards around the city advertising the flavor last month. But now, Ginger Sprite should be appearing in stores everywhere, like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

We found Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite at Walmart, though the Ginger Sprite looks to be at convenience stores and Family Dollar locations. It shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on a can!

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