Giada De Laurentiis Opens New Restaurant in Baltimore

Giada de Laurentiis is bringing her Italy-meets-California cuisine to the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, Maryland. It's her first East Coast restaurant!

Food Network superstar and chef Giada de Laurentiis has opened her first East Coast restaurant, GDL Italian by Giada, inside the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, Maryland! Her unique style of cooking has been feeding the appetites of viewers since she came onto the Food Network scene in 2003, and it’s no surprise that her career has been wildly successful ever since. With nine books, several Food Network shows and two restaurants in Las Vegas, her empire keeps expanding.

(She’s also not the only Food Network star with a restaurant–check out what Ree Drummond is doing in Oklahoma.)

On the Menu at GDL Italian

The menu is classic Giada, with plenty of Baltimore flavors and ingredients. “Seafood is such a big part of who Baltimore is, and so we will incorporate a lot of that, of course, with a little bit of an Italian spin to it,” de Laurentiis says in the Baltimore Sun. (For example–an Italian “crab cake” that’s a crab arancini with Old Bay aioli. Yum!) There’s also baked lasagna, Giada’s chicken parm and signature pizzas. Everything sounds fresh and flavorful!

Italian Dishes Giada Would Love
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Why Choose Baltimore?

De Laurentiis feels a huge amount of pride for her own Italian heritage, and she saw that same pride reflected in the city of Baltimore. That’s what solidified her decision to make the East Coast move. She shared a great tidbit to the Baltimore Sun applicable to not just restaurateurs, but entrepreneurs of all kinds:

“This is a wonderful opportunity to try a new concept. When I’m incredibly fearful of something is when I have to jump off the ledge and try it because otherwise that fear stops you from ever moving forward.”

Love her courage! She’ll also be in good company at the Horseshoe Baltimore. Food Network star Guy Fieri has Guy’s Bar-B-Que Joint and Guy Fieri’s Baltimore Kitchen + Bar, and Gordon Ramsay has opened a steakhouse there, Gordon Ramsay Steak.

Don’t have a trip to Baltimore planned quite yet? You can recreate the experience at home, as long as you follow the “cardinal rules” of cooking from top chefs, including Giada de Laurentiis and Gordon Ramsay!

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