This German Cafe Is Using Pool Noodles to Help with Social Distancing

This is adorable—and effective.

We’re at a weird time right now with this whole “quarantine” thing. Plenty of states have reopened, which means it’s possible to do eat at certain restaurants rather than just carrying out. Whether or not you want to go back to dining out is a choice for each person to make. But one thing is absolutely clear—social distancing isn’t going away anytime soon.

That necessity has led to some interesting dining options, like at this greenhouse restaurant in Amsterdam. Now, another European eatery is joining the “creative social distancing” club—they’re using pool noodles to keep diners six feet apart.

How Does This Solution Work?

Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, Germany, has still found a crafty use for pool noodles. To keep customers six feet apart, it’s having them wear hats with pool noodles affixed to the top. The shop owner wanted to draw attention to the difficult situation through humor, and we definitely think they succeeded. It’s pretty impossible to look at their photos without laughing!

This is what we can’t wait to do after quarantine ends.

I Want a Pool Noodle Hat!

Don’t we all? It’s not like there was ever a wrong way to social distance as long as you were staying six feet away, but this place is absolutely doing it right. So far we haven’t heard of anywhere doing this in the U.S., but seriously, somebody should get on that.

We’re not recommending anyone head out on a flight to Germany specifically to dine at the cafe—but by all means, do support your local businesses. Instead, take stock of safe ways to get takeout right now.

Emily Hannemann
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