Funfetti Morsels Are the Brand-New Baking Chips We All Need Right Now

I'll probably be baking these into everything from now on.

It’s always nice to have a pop of color in the kitchen, whether it’s through retro appliances, patterned aprons or even your favorite treats! Discovering the rainbow sprinkles hidden in a slice of  birthday cake is one of the best surprises you’ll probably ever have. That must be why we constantly flock to that pretty box of Funfetti cake mix. It’s the perfect reminder of childhood.

Well, it’s time to break out the eggs, sugar and flour. Because we’ve got some brand-new Funfetti Morsels to use!

It’s Time to Bake the Rainbow

Baking a fresh batch of white chocolate macadamia cookies for your family is a small pleasure in life. If you’re anything like me, you definitely love trying out new recipes and flavors. Now, imagine those cookies….but with a splash of color! The same goes for a batch of blondies or even that ready-to-bake sugar cookie dough you picked up at the store. Yes, it’s now possible to make them even better.

Nestle’s latest release is the perfect baking companion. Funfetti Morsels are exactly like chocolate chips—except way more amazing. They’re basically drops of vanilla frosting with colorful specks of Funfetti. You can bake them into homemade cakes, cookies and even pancakes. Who wouldn’t want to double up on the Funfetti fun?

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You May Want to Fill Up Your Cabinet

These perfect baking pals should be available at Kroger, Target and various local grocery store chains, so keep an eye out. Just check in the baking aisle with the rest of the Nestle Toll House products to see if you can snag a few bags before everyone else discovers them! Each bag goes for about $3 and is definitely, definitely worth it. I mean, you’ll probably be using these in everything. I know I will!

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