Funfetti Ice Cream Is Coming Soon—Here’s When to Look for a Pint

Everything you love about Funfetti cake mix is packed in each scoop.

If you ask any kid what their favorite flavor of cake is, you’ll probably get a lot of the same responses: vanilla, chocolate…and Funfetti, of course! Funfetti, if you’re unfamiliar, is a light or vanilla-flavored cake batter that’s riddled with rainbow sprinkles to really amp up the excitement. Just one cut into a Funfetti cake, and you know you’ve got a party on your hands.

Well, Funfetti fans, we’ve got news for you. The delicious party treat has transformed into something almost too good to be true. That’s right—it’s time for Funfetti ice cream!

What’s in Each Scoop?

While it may seem unexpected to be going crazy over ice cream in the middle of winter, we just can’t help ourselves. No matter how much snow may be on the ground (looking at you, Chicago!), it’ll always be ice cream time in our hearts. And who are we to gloss over such a momentous technicolor occasion like this?

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This brand new Funfetti flavor is being dished out by the ice cream giant Edy’s (aka Dreyer’s). It’s a 1.5 quart container of ice cream speckled generously with rainbow sprinkles and a satisfying cake swirl crunch. Because I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love a good creamy cake batter ice cream every once in a while? Not only is it amazingly delicious, but it’s cute to boot!

When Will This Ice Cream Be in Stores?

While I know you want to hop in your car and jet to your nearest market ASAP, you’ll have to put the brakes on for a bit. It was leaked early on Instacart, but the Funfetti ice cream won’t officially be making its debut until February 2021. Just keep an eye out for when you can finally snag one!

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