Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

Summer’s sweeter with fresh fruit and berries. After all, colorful produce is plentiful this time of year, so it’s perfect for sprucing up after-dinner surprises.

Among a variety of warm-weather treats, fruit pizzas are gaining popularity, making a splash in large bakeries, specialty shops and even family kitchens.

The pizzas showcase shortbread crusts that tempt tastes while holding up beneath creamy spreads, ripe fruits and berries and sweet sauces. But even though they are delicious, the buttery crusts don’t make a wise indulgence during swimsuit season. That’s why we decided to makeover a traditional fruit pizza this issue.

It’s difficult to reproduce classic shortbread with low-fat ingredients, so our home economists simply halved the crust, making it thinner. The result was a remarkable, less-fat cookie crust that remained crispy regardless of the pizza’s toppings.

The dessert’s citrus glaze is flavored with pineapple juice. The juice was rather sweet on its own, so our team eliminated the sugar that the glaze usually requires.

Switching from full-fat cream cheese to a light variety was an easy way to reduce the pizza’s fat grams.

Delightful Makeover Fruit Pizza is a summer sensation. With nearly half the calories, fat and cholesterol of a traditional version, it’s one dessert you can afford to enjoy. Add it to your Fourth of July menu or a sunny afternoon picnic.

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