This “Friends” Coffee Creamer Will Make You Feel Like You’re Drinking Your Coffee from Central Perk

Can't make it to Central Perk? This "Friends" coffee creamer is here to help.

This is the year Friends fans’ dreams finally come true: a real-life Central Perk is opening permanently in 2023. We may not yet know about crucial details like the location and opening date, but in our spare time, we can enjoy Central Perk coffee at home.

International Delight, which makes some of the best coffee creamers around, just released a limited-edition Friends coffee creamer that’ll bring Central Perk straight to your kitchen.

What Is the Friends Coffee Creamer?

The Friends coffee creamer is inspired by the Manhattan Mocha, a mainstay on Central Perk’s chalkboard menu. The flavor itself is a combination of hazelnut and mocha—comforting, yet still energetic enough to keep you alert, kind of like rewatching your favorite ’90s sitcom. Enjoy it in a giant mug of your favorite coffee, or pair it with one of Central Perk’s real-life blends.

This is International Delight’s third collaboration with Warner Bros. The duo released Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgy Caramel last year, and the seasonal Buddy the Elf creamer back in 2020. They’ve also released other pop culture-inspired creamers, like their holiday Grinch coffee creamers.

Where Can I Get the Friends Coffee Creamer?

The Friends coffee creamer is available in stores nationwide but it’s only available for a limited time. A 32-ounce bottle of creamer will cost about $3.99. One last thing: International Delight, if you are reading this, please make a Seinfeld creamer—chocolate babka, Junior Mints and trash eclair would all make great additions to our morning cuppa.

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