This Friendly’s Personal Ice Cream Cake Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Hello, Orange Creme Krunch Cake.

For a cool summer dessert, there’s nothing more delicious than ice cream cake. It combines two already fantastic desserts into one. Sure, it’s easy to make a whole ice cream cake—but what if you want a treat just for yourself?

Well, do I have the perfect thing for you! Friendly’s now makes a line of personal ice cream cakes called Cake Singles. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a single serving of ice cream cake in a cup. For summer, the company is debuting a sweet new flavor: Orange Creme Krunch Cake.

So, what’s this new flavor?

If Orange Creamsicles were your favorite childhood snack, then Friendly’s Orange Creme Krunch Cake will satisfy that same craving. (We love childhood snacks that are all grown up!) It has layers of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet with orange and vanilla flavored crunchies between them. For more orange and vanilla goodness, the cake is topped with whipped icing and extra crunchies. I’m not 100% sure what “crunchies” are, but I know that I need ’em right about now.

Between this Dreamsicle dipped cone at Dairy Queen and the return of Orange Creamsicle Twizzlers, I think orange might be the flavor of summer!

Where do I find the Orange Creme Krunch Cake?

You can find Orange Creme Krunch Cake and the other Cake Singles flavors at Walmart. You can also look up where to find any Friendly’s treat using their product locator. Friendly’s hasn’t said anything about the new flavor yet, but it’s already all over Instagram. Hurry up and grab some Orange Creme Krunch Cake to kick off this summer!

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