7 Genius Organization Tips to Transform Your Refrigerator

Is your fridge driving you crazy to the point where you can't find a thing? It's time for a new system!

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Lose food to the depths of your fridge? Can’t uncover what you know you bought? It’s crazy how a cluttered refrigerator will slow you down when you’re doing meal prep or cooking for the family. Fortunately, the Taste of Home staff is crazy about kitchen storage, and we’ve got the fridge organization tips to make your refrigerator a happy haven.

1. Clear Things Out

Toss anything that’s expired or old, as well as any questionable leftovers. (This will help you identify spoiled food.) Then sort through your produce because you might have a few things taking up space in the fridge that should be stored at room temp or in the pantry. We’re mostly talking about potatoes, tomatoes, onion and garlic.

2. Invest in Egg Storage

Instead of using a flimsy paper or styrofoam carton from the grocery store, invest in a clear egg tray. You’ll not only be able to see how many eggs you have left, but you can move them around and stack more easily without having to worry. This is a no-broken-eggs breakthrough!

3. Actually, Use Storage Containers for Everything

You can get super-organized with clear plastic or glass containers that easily stack. Like with the egg trays, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have going on inside. Not only does this look more visually appealing, but you’ll be able to see clearly whether everything is in order. (It makes knowing when to re-stock much easier!) This fridge drawer organizer is another great alternative to maximize the vertical space in your fridge.

You can even find containers that keep your veggies fresher for longer. This is good news for your farmers market finds and for your fridge—no more apples rolling from their bags or bunches of carrots standing in the way.

4. Get an Herb Saver

It’s so easy to lose the small plastic containers that herbs come in at the grocery store. Keeping fresh herbs in glass jars with water looks cute, but it’s prone to spilling. Just grab a couple of herb savers for your basil, cilantro and rosemary, whether they’re store-bought or grown in a kitchen garden, to keep things fresh and within reach.

5. Stack Your Bottles

Having friends over and need space for drinks? Instead of standing the glass bottles up, which is a waste of space in both directions, this handy mat helps you stack them in a pyramid shape. It takes up less space and looks sharp, too.

6. Store Your Food Properly

One of the biggest reasons food goes bad quickly is because it’s improperly stored. Where you keep food in the refrigerator makes a huge difference, especially for meats, cheeses and produce. Make sure everything is being stored in its proper place—the drawers, door and shelves all have unique roles to play. Here’s our guide for what things go where!

7. Prep Your Food in Advance

You’d be surprised at how much your meats and vegetables shrink down when its all been prepped. If you have an hour to prep when you get home from the grocery store, it will definitely make your fridge more tranquil. Throw your pre-made salads into individual mason jars for lunch throughout the week, roast your vegetables in advance and chop up anything you plan to eat fresh.

The best way to keep your fridge clutter in check is to plan your meals ahead of schedule. It’s easy to get started with our how-to guide—and once you have a clean refrigerator you’ll never want to go back! And once you’re done, you might want to get started on organizing your freezer next.

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