You Can Get Free Taco Bell This Week—Here’s How

You can thank the "Taco Moon" for this.

Taco Bell is on a roll this year, and the news just keeps getting better! After announcing the return of the Beefy Potato-Rito and dropping a brand-new Freeze, they’re back with an announcement that’s sure to have fans “over the moon.” Yep, Taco Bell will be giving out free tacos for one day only, on the occasion of “Taco Moon.”

Mark Your Calendars for Free Taco Bell

On Tuesday, May 4, Taco Bell will be giving out a free Crunchy Taco to anyone who orders from their app or online. All you have to do is hop onto their website or app between 8 and 11:59 p.m. and claim your free taco, no purchase necessary! You’ll see the offer as soon as you sign up—it’s that easy.

And since you’re saving all that money on your taco, why not pair it with a Quesalupa or some Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes? You can also grab some healthier options for a well-rounded meal. For dessert, head over to McDonald’s for their free McFlurry.

Wait—What’s Taco Moon, Though?

No, the moon won’t literally turn into a taco—though we sure wish it would! According to the Taco Bell website, we’ll be entering a new lunar phase on May 4, and the moon will resemble our favorite fast food item. “Taco Moon” is also part of the fast food giant’s celebration of its recent international expansion, with 7,000 restaurants in 32 markets. The brand aims to hit 10,000 in the next decade, and “Taco Moon” is just the beginning of the celebrations!

As it turns out, free tacos are the first part of the “I See a Taco” campaign, which will be rolling out over the next few months. We’re not sure what’s in store, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for more new items and discounts. Until then, you can find us trying out the latest additions to the Taco Bell secret menu.

Amrita Thakkar
Amrita is an Assistant Digital Editor at Taste of Home. As a writer and amateur photographer, she often ends up applying these skills to her one great love: food. She can usually be found researching global cuisines, at the farmers market, doing yoga, or looking up new places to travel to.