Here’s How You Can Get Free Starbucks Coffee for One Month

You had us at free coffee!

I’ve always been a sucker for a good deal. When I say a good deal, I don’t mean picking up anything with the word “free” on it. I’m all about finding the best products for a bargain. I love used bookshops, incredible restaurant deals and free coffee from Starbucks!

Starbucks is all about starting your 2019 on the right foot, with free brewed coffee and tea for the entire month of January. Just buy this year’s reusable tumbler, bring it to any Starbucks starting January 1 and drink free coffee or tea all month long.

Here’s how it works

Starbucks has quite an array of reusable tumblers, mugs and bottles, but only one particular tumbler will get you that free beverage.

Courtesy of Starbucks

According to Starbucks, their Brewed Refill Tumbler is a customer favorite and officially available for purchase—but only while supplies last. Unfortunately, none of these Starbucks secret menu items can be ordered with the tumbler. But you can get any free Grande hot coffee (besides Starbucks Reserve) or brewed tea between January 1 and January 31, 2019. The 16-oz stainless steel tumbler is $40.

Now, this may seem pretty steep for a reusable cup. But coming from someone who’s been using a stainless-steel coffee tumbler for five years now, I’m telling you that these puppies last. I bring coffee to work every single day in this thing, so when you think about my 52 weeks of work, over five years, that’s close to 1,500 fewer cups sitting in a landfill.

It may be pricey, but it’s worth it

If not using disposable cups isn’t exactly a motivation for you to spend $40, then maybe looking at the numbers will satisfy your skepticism. Depending on where you’re located, a Grande cup of freshly brewed coffee probably costs around $2.50 before tax. A freshly brewed tea may even be more, around $3 or even $4!

Now if you grab a Grande coffee every single day at Starbucks in the month of January, that would equate to $77.50. For tea, that could be anywhere from $91 to $124. That’s significantly cheaper than $40, so you’ll be saving a decent amount. (It doesn’t even count the second or third cup of java you grab during the day.)

This is the right time to drink your coffee, according to scientists.

Starbucks wants you to reduce and reuse

Since 1985, Starbucks has been offering a ten cent cup discount when you bring in your own reusable tumbler for your beverage—a deal that still stands today. It’s all a part of Starbucks’ Global Social Impact initiative, where they encourage sustainable practices, ethical coffee farming and less waste worldwide. They’re even getting rid of plastic straws altogether!

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