7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day Will Last a Whole MONTH This Year

No rush! 7-Eleven's Free Slurpee Day is now a whole month long.

There are only two problems with 7-Eleven’s free Slurpee day. In the past, if you couldn’t make it to the convenience store on July 11 (aka 7-11), you missed out on the free small Slurpee. Plus, the friendly neighborhood 7-Eleven usually turns into a mob scene as everyone in town clamors to get their freebie before the day ends.

But this year, 7-Eleven has solved both of those problems, turning Free Slurpee Day into Free Slurpee MONTH.

Free Slurpee Day Is Back—for All of July

7-Eleven was founded in 1927, so the chain is a spritely 94 years old this year (it’s a full year older than Mickey Mouse). And that’s as good an excuse as any for stretching out the birthday celebration for an entire month.

But instead of receiving gifts, 7-Eleven is giving them. Customers can claim their free small Slurpee on any day this July—and they don’t even have to drop off a birthday cake. It’s a win-win—pick the day of the month that’s most convenient for you, and you’re unlikely to have to fight the crowds that come with a one-day giveaway.

You know all about the Slurpee, right? Invented by accident in 1959, 7-Eleven’s legendary icy beverage, offered in all sorts of crazy flavors, is available year-round, though it especially hits the spot in summer. (Coca-Cola and wild cherry are among the most popular Slurpee flavors.)

How to Get Your Free Slurpee

Here’s how to plan your freebie. Make sure you have the 7Rewards loyalty app downloaded. On July 1, 7-Eleven will magically load your account with a coupon for one free small Slurpee drink, and you have all of July to use your free coupon.

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