Musicians Are Performing FREE Live Concerts at Home During Social Distancing

With people around the world staying at home, musicians are performing free concerts in an unusual arena: your living room.

As the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic, people across America are hunkering down at home. To brighten the mood, many musicians are performing concerts and streaming them online—for free. We’ve rounded up the best resources for finding free concerts. They’re being updated all the time, so check back regularly.

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Billboard’s Event Calendar

No surprise that the music authority Billboard has one of the most robust calendars for live music featuring Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Metallica, Michael Buble and so, so many others. Some of the performers will give live shows on Billboard’s Facebook page. Other concerts will be available on TV, social media or online.

NPR’s Genre-Organized Calendar

Looking for country concerts? Jazz? Pop? NPR’s calendar breaks down the concert schedule by date and genre. Bookmark this list if you’re open to hearing new artists in your favorite categories, whether it’s rockabilly from J.D. MacPherson or opera from The Met.

Vulture’s Livestream Calendar

Vulture applies a broad definition of “free concert.” Their online calendar includes both live streaming shows and a list of artists and social media accounts that are regularly posting live music. Indie music fans will enjoy the eclectic selection, which includes everybody from Miley Cyrus to Andrew Lloyd Webber (and Lin-Manuel Miranda).

Mahogany’s Instagram Account

Mahogany posts near-daily 30-minute concerts to their Instagram account. They’ll post the artist and time every day, and you can tune into IG Live to watch artists like Jake Isaac, Dodie and Luz.

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