The New Frank’s RedHot Sauce Flavor Will Delight Pickle Lovers

Frank's RedHot Dill Pickle Sauce is here, and we can't wait to slather everything in pickle-flavored spiciness.

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For many diners, hot sauce is the most important condiment, and eating a meal unaccompanied by hot sauce is a one-way ticket to blandville. Hot sauce lovers now have a new flavor profile to celebrate as we enter into the summer season and focus on all things pickle. Last week, Frank’s RedHot announced the latest flavor addition to their product lineup—Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce.

What’s in Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Sauce?

As pickle-flavored foods continue to dill-ight fans of the vinegary snack, the new Frank’s RedHot flavor highlights the popularity.

Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce builds off the brand’s Original Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce with ingredients including aged cayenne red peppers, salt and garlic powder. The latest flavor adds in pickle juice and dill weed for a pickle-forward hot sauce.

Frank’s premiered the sauce with a handful of recipe ideas the company thinks the flavor is perfect for. “Shake it over popcorn, drizzle over pizza, and slather it onto sandwiches,” are a few ideas the company mentions. When it comes to ideas about how to use the hot sauce in meals, Frank’s RedHot has plenty of ideas—the spicy loaded pickle fries incorporate Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce into a cheesy topping, while the Spicy Pickle Chicken Sliders call for breaded chicken strips coated in a sauce of butter combined with the RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce. Arranged on a bun with any toppings (homemade dill pickle slices would be ideal, naturally) and you have an ideal summer slider recipe.

Frank’s RedHot ranks the Pickle Hot Sauce on the mild end of the spicy scale for a nice combination of tangy dill with some peppery heat that might be appealing to those who don’t traditionally slather their food in hot sauce like some of us.

Where Can I Get It?

Spicy Red Hot Pickle Sliders Franks Red Hot Dill Pickle Sauce Courtesy MccormicksCourtesy Frank's RedHot

For now, Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle is sold online through the McCormick & Company website, the parent company that owns Frank’s RedHot. It sells as a two-pack with each bottle containing five ounces of hot-sauce goodness for a total of about 60 servings. McCormick plans to roll out Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Hot Sauce in select stores this fall and in grocery stores nationwide come early 2024.

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