Folgers is Releasing a New Coffee Line Targeted at Millennials

Since 1984, the "best part of waking up" has been "Folgers in your cup." Now, Folgers is making sure that people born around that time are going to be singing the same tune.

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Millennial are known for many things, but one in particular is their craving for authentic stories. Another is their craving for coffee, consuming somewhere around 44% of the country’s supply, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. Here to satisfy those dual cravings is Folgers (a J.M. Smucker Co. brand), which recently announced the launch of its new premium coffee brand. It’s called “1850,” which is the year that Folgers founder, James Folger, made his first cuppa professional joe. Learn how to make your own coffee shop drinks here.

“1850 was inspired by the consumer insight that the authenticity and nearly 170 years of heritage of the Folgers brand, which originated in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, resonates with both our core consumers and millennials,” said Mark T. Smucker, president and chief executive officer of Folgers during 1850’s launch at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference in Boca Raton. “Our focus with 1850, therefore, has been to deliver a bold but smooth experience that millennials and other segments of our core consumer can relate to.”

1850 will initially be available in four blends: Lantern Glow, Pioneer, Trailblazer and Black Gold, and bagged and K-Cup varieties begin shipping in April, with three ready-to-drink varieties set to launch this summer (this is Folgers’ first foray into the bottled coffee segment, which is a huge part of the millennial coffee market), reports Food Business News. And apparently, it’s something to look forward to, seeing as the new coffees have tested “incredibly well with consumers,” according to Smucker. “In fact, we conducted our largest-ever in-home competitive coffee study, and 1850 received the top ranking.”

If Reddit’s obsession with talking about Folgers is any indication, 1850’s launch should prove to be a welcome development in coffee trends. And those who were born around the time Folgers launched its famous and still-highly-recognizable “best-part-of-waking-up” jingle (1984) may well become the next generation to sing the brand’s praises. Certainly, it can’t hurt to try it with a nice, warm slice of coffee cake or some hand-crafted almond chocolate biscotti.

Don't forget the coffee cake!
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