This Is Why You Need a Flat Whisk in Your Kitchen

Step aside, balloon whisk. It's time the flat whisk gets the praise it deserves! Here's why you need one in your kitchen.

Whether you’re a new to cooking or a professional chef, having the right tools is key. (Here are 18 kitchen gadgets pro cooks use at home.) We’d like to introduce you to the flat whisk—an important tool that deserves a spot in your utensil drawer.

4 Reasons You Need a Flat Whisk

Here’s why our Test Kitchen loves it:

2-in-1 design

Like a traditional balloon whisk, this whisk features three or four wires bent into a U shape, but as the name implies, the U shape is flat. Just check out this inexpensive option on Amazon. The unique design means the flat whisk is great at whisking and scraping the bottom of a pan. It’s even better than a balloon whisk at getting into all the nooks and crannies.

Perfect for sauces

The flat whisk is best for sauces and gravies because the flat design helps you scrap shallow pans so you can deglaze like a pro. (Take your cooking to the next level by mastering these restaurant-style sauces.) For most sauces, it’s important to whisk them on the stove to prevent clumps. The flat shape puts the whisking power at the bottom of the pan, helping you scrape up browned bits. The flat whisk’s shape makes it even easier and more comfortable to maneuver than a balloon whisk. Try out your whisking technique with this foolproof gravy.

Multipurpose whisk

Not only can the flat whisk help you make great sauces, it can also be used for lifting poached eggs out of the water, gently folding ingredients and beating eggs. Try out a flat whisk on your favorite white sauce or hot oatmeal—it’ll help prevent pieces from sticking to the bottom. Start with our grandma-approved oatmeal recipes!

Easy to store

With the flat whisk, food won’t get stuck inside the tines, making it easier to clean. Plus, the flat design means it’s easy to store—it won’t take up much room in your drawer! That leaves plenty of space for all 21 essential kitchen tools every cook needs.

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