FedEx Will Deliver Your Groceries With a ROBOT From These Stores

The FedEx robots can even climb stairs!

Have you seen the robots floating around Walmart yet? It seems that robots are the new thing in retail, and now thanks to FedEx, robots are also the new trend for delivery service.

FedEx is ready to partner with multiple retailers and restaurants, using robots for SameDay delivery. Look for the FedEx SameDay Bot to start delivering soon.

Who’s partnering with FedEx?

Walmart has a delivery service of its own, but this major retailer plans on partnering with FedEx for home delivery as well. FedEx also announced partnerships with Pizza Hut, Lowe’s, AutoZone, Walgreens and even Target. So if you need someone to snag your groceries for you, may as well send a robot to Target or Walmart while you get the rest of your chores done!


How does the delivery work?

Okay, okay, you can’t actually send the robot to the store. Here’s how it really works. When you order something from one of the partners, that retailer can send off a robot with that shipment. According to FedEx, 60 percent of customers live within a three-mile radius of these retailers. That means sending off a robot to do that quick same-day delivery is completely probable.

By using a robot, FedEx hopes to increase the need for hyper-local delivery. So, if you need a few things for dinner that night, may as well have FedEx’s SameDay Bot run that errand for you. The robot is created to travel on sidewalks and roadsides and can even climb stairs!

When will these robots hit the streets?

FedEx plans on testing this initiative in select markets this summer, including Memphis, Tennessee (pending final city approvals). Right now, FedEx offers SameDay city service in 1,900 different cities. The company hopes to replace this service with the FedEx bot in the future.

“The FedEx SameDay Bot represents the next chapter in our long legacy of delivering innovation and outstanding service, supported by an already existing FedEx logistics ecosystem,” says Brian Philips, President and CEO of FedEx Office, in FedEx’s recent post. “We are excited to bring this technology to address new markets and better support our customers.”

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