Kids Can Now Send Their Letters to Santa Via Facebook Messenger

Just because we're celebrating virtually doesn't mean Santa isn't expecting letters!

We’ve collected a lot of Christmas traditions over the years. You know, like stockings, cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and of course, letters for Santa! I remember writing these basically every year while I was in elementary school. It was always one of my favorite parts of the year—Santa was basically my pen pal! I’d tell him all about my year and all the good things I’d done. Sure, I probably asked for a new video game in exchange, but that’s how it works!

But now Santa’s caught up to the 21st century. Your kids can now chat with “Santa” this season! How amazing is that?

It’s Time to Add Santa to Your Friends List

Yes, it’s a little odd. It’s also super amazing! Here’s how to get your kids talking to their favorite decked-in-red gift giver (wink, wink). First, you’ll need your own Facebook account and a Facebook Messenger Kids account for your children. Once you’ve got that all set up, you’ll need to add “Santa” to their approved contacts list. You can head to Facebook and do it right now!

You can also go into your own Facebook Messenger settings, choose your child’s profile and click “Messenger Kids Controls,” then “Controls.” You should see “Santa Experience” in there, and voila! You can add Santa.

Once they’re added, your child is free to chit-chat with Santa as much as they please. And don’t worry—your phone won’t ding every time they message Santa. The best part is, since you’ll be messaging as Santa from your personal account, you can monitor how the conversation goes and maybe even figure out something your child wants but won’t tell you! It’s a wholesome experience that keeps the tradition alive.

Create the Magic Yourself

This event will end January 6, so get as much mileage out of it as you can.

While we may be choosing to celebrate virtually this year rather than in person, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the magic of Christmas alive. However you wish to celebrate the holidays is up to you, but remember to think about your loved ones and those you hold dear. Santa will always be there to lift your spirits…and your children’s, too!

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