This Etsy Shop Is Selling the Cutest Food-Inspired Candles, and We Need ALL of Them

The candles look good enough to eat (but we'll settle for smelling them).

There’s really not much better than having something baking in the oven. The scent of it wafts through the house, inspiring daydreams about the fresh bread or warm dessert to come. Taking a deep whiff of apple cinnamon bread feels a lot like putting on a warm blanket on a cold day; it’s comforting and sure to make you smile.

That’s why we’re so excited about this Etsy shop‘s food-inspired candles: they create that sense of contentment… without having to lift a finger!

It’s Always Time for Dessert

You might’ve heard about the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder candle, but honestly, we think we’d prefer the aroma of dessert. This lineup of candles has a ton of drool-worthy scents like cupcakes, cookies & milk, banana pudding and Key lime pie. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re crafted in the cutest possible shapes. In other words, the cupcake candles really look like cupcakes from the bakery.

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The pie candle looks like just a tiny Key lime pie. This cereal candle even looks like a freshly poured bowl of Froot Loops!

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Depending on the time of year, this Etsy shop also has seasonal candles, like pumpkin spice latte and Thanksgiving dinner.

Where Can I Buy Them?

If you need all of these to bless your nostrils ASAP, you can snag ’em from CandlelitDesserts on Etsy. Prices vary, but many cost around $20 or less. And, despite the name, that’s not all the shop offers—they also have some pretty awesome-looking soaps designed to look like bacon, cheeseburgers, eggs and more.

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