Espresso M&M’s Will Be Here for the Holidays, and We’ll Need at Least 10 Bags

Nothing says 'Christmas morning' like coffee and chocolate.

It’s not Christmas at my parents’ house without a multitude of glass trees filled with M&M’s. Growing up, we had regular and peanut M&M’s scattered around the house for the holidays without fail. Now there’s a new flavor to add to the mix!

Espresso M&M’s have officially been announced for the 2022 holiday season, and we know for a fact we’re going to love these all winter long.

Espresso M&M’s Have Two Types of Chocolate

If you’re thinking you’ve already heard of espresso M&M’s, you’re not wrong. M&M’s dropped a Crunchy Espresso flavor a few years ago, and they were a big hit. There’s even a petition to bring them back. It’s true!

While this new flavor isn’t quite like its crunchy cousin, it’s still got a lot going for it. For starters, the new M&M’s include both dark and milk chocolate candy mixed in one bag. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

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While we’ll miss the crispy center, the delicious mix of different chocolates will have our tongues singing praises all season long. Combine them with our love of everything coffee, and we might have one of the best Christmas snacks of 2022. Pair some M&M’s cookies with a glass of hot chocolate or Baileys Espresso Creme, and we’ll really have a good Christmas morning.

When Can I Get ‘Em?

The Espresso M&M’s should drop by Christmas. I’d hope so, at least—Ms. Brown M&M is sporting a dashing Santa hat on the package! Expect them to pop up at most major retailers as well as online. Keep your eyes open for these sweet treats. You won’t want to miss out!

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