This Deli Makes a Pickle Sandwich With Giant Pickles Instead of Bread

This pickle sandwich is SO much better than a stingy pickle chip with your cold cuts.

Pickles are making a comeback—and how! The latest trend is the pickle sandwich which first became famous at Elsie’s. By “pickle sandwich,” of course, we mean a sandwich served on a pickle. It has a dill pickle half where each slice of bread would normally be. You read that right!

Elsie’s is a tiny sandwich shop in Haddon Township, New Jersey (sorry New Yorkers, this place is practically in Philly.) From Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., Elsie’s serves a variety of sandwiches that all have one thing in common: huge dill pickles instead of bread. In fact, the salty sandwiches have become so popular that they’re set to open a 2nd location in Northfield, NJ sometime this year (nope, it’s still not New York, sorry).

Find all sorts of ways to make a low-carb sandwich without bread.

What Is a Pickle Sandwich?

Elsie’s is the self-described “Home of the Pickle Sandwich.” And pickle sandwiches are all they serve! Don’t worry, though. You’ve got two types of pickle sandwiches to choose from. You can go with a classic pickle (sliced down the middle), served with the fillings piled high, like a sub sandwich or hero. You can also choose a pickle or cucumber, sliced as thin as a tortilla, and used to make “roll-up” sandwiches.

“We’re a sandwich shop without the bread,” Elsie’s co-owner Katherine Cohen told Thrillist. “We have a family pickle recipe that we resurrected.” If Cohen ever gets tired of making pickles, maybe she’ll add her secret recipe to our collection of vintage pickle recipes!

The Story Behind the Pickle Sandwich

So, how did the owner of Elsie’s “cook” up this genius, low-carb, salty sandwich? “My mom is a diabetic, and I made her a pickle sandwich instead of using bread,” Cohen told the Courier Post. Soon enough, people started noticing those pickle sandwiches and asking where they could get ’em.

Is It Worth the Trip?

That depends! Just ask yourself the questions below, and we’ll tell you if you’re ready for the greatest thing since sliced pickles:

  • Since the day we tipped you off about Gordy’s Fine Brine pickle juice, have you been splashing it into anything and everything (we’re talking mac and cheese, pork chops, deviled eggs and potato salad)?
  • Is there any distance you wouldn’t travel for a refreshing swirl of pickle ice cream on a hot summer evening?
  • Does the thought of these Lay’s Fried Pickles With Ranch potato chips make your mouth water?

If you answered “yes,” go ahead and satisfy your pickle craving with a trip to New Jersey. For anyone not on the East Coast, shop for salty pickle-flavored foods on Amazon. Of course, you can always make a pickle sandwich at home, or any of these delicious pickle-based recipes.

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