Here’s Why Eggs Can Help You Lose Weight

Yes, a doughnut in the morning tastes delicious with coffee. But the health benefits that come from eggs may make you reconsider your breakfast routine.

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Trust me, I get it. When the morning finally dawns and the coffee is brewing, the thing you really want is a doughnut or muffin. That little boost of sugar seems like the perfect pair for your morning cup of java. I won’t deny how wonderful those pastries taste, but after learning about how eggs can help you lose weight, I think it’s time reconsider the breakfast go-to.

Let’s put it this way—eggs are the superfood you’ve always wanted, but never knew you had. There are a ton of health benefits to eating eggs, especially when it comes to your weight. And since there are so many easy ways to cook eggs, it might just be the weight loss tool of your dreams.

Eggs make you feel fuller longer.

You probably already know that eggs are a good source of protein, but have you ever considered how much protein they actually provide? A large egg has about six grams of protein; make it a double and you’re getting 12 grams of protein. It’s not as much protein as you would get in a meat such as chicken (1/2 cup of shredded chicken has 31 grams of protein), but it’s still pretty high to start off your day.

Protein helps you stay full longer, especially when it’s paired with a food that’s rich in fiber and healthy fat. Although eggs aren’t high in fiber, you can pair your eggs with some berries (high in fiber) or avocado (high in fiber and a great source of healthy fat). Including high-fiber foods will help you to feel full right away while the protein will help you feel full for a longer period of time. There’s already fat in eggs, but adding a little more, like avocado (we love avocado recipes!) or another healthy fat, can can actually work with the hormones that tell you to stop eating.

Eggs can boost your metabolism.

Eggs are high in amino acids, which are a key part of getting your metabolism fired up. Amino acids help build muscle and muscle burns calories. When cutting calories to try to lose weight, it’s important to lose mostly fat, preserving as much muscle as possible, and getting enough protein will help you do that. This can be especially helpful if you pair it with some exercise, so taking the dog for a walk before that plate of eggs could make a huge difference. (These other foods boost your metabolism, too.)

Eggs are low in calories.

Now, you might look at the nutritional facts for a single egg and think differently, after all, 78 calories seems like a lot for just an egg, especially when you consider there are some breakfast bars and cereal for just 100 calories per serving. However, those types of foods wouldn’t fill you up as much as eggs would. If you were to have two scrambled eggs, that’s only an investment 138 calories that will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time compared to a breakfast bar (which can be loaded with hidden sugars that you aren’t aware of). And yes, you should eat the yolk, because there are a ton of health benefits for eating the whole egg.

Eggs don’t have sugar.

Speaking of sugar, eggs don’t have any! Sure, if you have a sweet tooth, a plate of eggs won’t be as satisfying as that indulgent donut or muffin in the morning, but they still taste great and are more wholesome and nutritious. The sugar loaded in those pastries will actually make you feel hungrier in the long run, and will have you craving sugar until you get your next sugar “fix”. By having eggs instead, you are reducing your sugar intake for the day. Sugar is definately one of those foods to cut if you want to lose weight.

However, if you are craving some sweetness, that side cup of berries (raspberries, blackberries, etc.) will help you with the “fix” that you you’re looking for. Yes, fruit does have natural sugar, but they’re high in fiber and other nutrients like vitamin C, so you get more health benefits compared to the empty calories in a doughnut.

Eggs are inexpensive.

There are hundreds of ways that you can try to lose weight, like paying for a program or buying expensive diet foods or weight-loss enhancers. If money is a roadblock, then eggs may just be the answer you need. A dozen large eggs can cost anywhere between $1 and $5, which is cheap for protein compared to beef, seafood or poultry. If you’re not sure what kind to get, we have a guide that can help you choose the best eggs for you.

Now, if you’re not the biggest fan of plain eggs every morning, there are lots of ways eggs to add variety, and not just in the morning; Eggs can be a smart part of lunch, a snack or dinner, too.

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