This Viral Video Shows You How Parents Are Making Edible Sensory Bins for Their Kids

It's time to get crafty with this DIY sensory bin.

Some of the most eye-catching food stimulates multiple senses. That’s why focaccia crafted to resemble a colorful quilt or dazzling works of bread art have captured our imaginations. And we dare you to look away from these mesmerizing pancake portraits!

Food can be a sensory experience for little ones, too. This delightful new TikTok video illustrates the concept of sensory play and shows how to craft an edible experience for toddlers. It looks so fun, you’ll wish there was an adult version.

How Do I Make This?

According to the video, you’ll need a box of Berry Blue Jell-O, small plastic sea creature toys, Cheerios and a clear baking dish. (Be sure the sea creature toys are age-appropriate for your kiddo, to prevent any choking hazards.)

Prepare the Jell-O according to the instructions on the package and plop in the plastic starfish and dolphins. Then, put the pan in the refrigerator propped up at an angle, so the Jell-O sets concentrated on one side.

This is where the Cheerios (or similar cereal) come in. Give the cereal a whirl in the blender or crush it by hand and use the resulting powder as the sand. Sprinkle over the side of the pan that’s not covered in gelatin, then add extra plastic animals like crabs, if you have ’em.

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Jell-O even has kits that might give you more sensory play ideas—like its edible building blocks. You can also find edible Jell-O slime to play with!

P.S. See what else can you do with a box of Jell-O.

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