How to Have a Tiny Easter Gathering

Need some Easter ideas for a smaller gathering this year? We've got recipes for small groups, fun activities you can do right at home and plenty of cute treats to make.

Many of us are keeping Easter small this year. That means having just our households sitting with us around the table. Just because you’re setting the table for fewer folks, though, doesn’t mean this Easter should be any less festive and fun.

We’ll show you how to put together a smaller Easter event with all the fixings. Yes, that still means Easter baskets, hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies—there’s no need to forego any of your favorite holiday treats!

Small-Scale Easter Recipes

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When you’ve got fewer peeps at your Easter table, think about modifying your menu to suit a smaller crowd. You can do this easily by cutting down recipes you love. You can also make Easter recipes that serve four or even just two.

And you certainly don’t need to limit your cooking and baking if you’re staying in this season. There are so many delicious dishes that make smaller quantities—just enough for your nearest and dearest (plus a few leftovers).

  • Easter brunchIt’s easy to make your brunch a small affair. Make eggs to order or try something creative like these spinach and egg pizzas or a puff pancake.
  • Easter dinner: We know Easter is all about the ham, but there are plenty of other options that don’t take up so much space in the fridge. Proteins like pork tenderloin are perfect for smaller groups. And roasting a chicken is always an impressive (but simple) way to serve just a few.
  • Spring desserts: Small-batch desserts can be harder to come by, but there are plenty of options out there. An easy berry fool makes use of fresh spring produce without leaving a lot of leftovers. Or opt for a rustic tart. Enjoy half with your partner on Easter and the other half for dessert (or even breakfast) the following day.

How to Make an Easter Ham

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For some of us, though, Easter dinner just wouldn’t be the same without a ham. Even if you only have a few folks at your Easter table, ham can still be a worthwhile make.

The key is to choose the right ham for you and your modified celebration. Look for a smaller ham, of course, and be sure to pick the style of ham—either bone-in, boneless or spiral-cut—that suits your needs and your preferred recipe. Here are some great Easter ham recipes to get you thinking, and be sure to follow this guide on how to carve a ham.

Given the smaller crowd, chances are you’ll have plenty of leftovers. Don’t fret because cooked ham makes for fantastic dishes throughout the following week. You can keep ham leftovers in the fridge for four days. In that time, you can use it to make all plenty of recipes that start with leftover ham, like quiche, pea soup and the day-after Easter classic: scalloped potatoes and ham.

If you can’t finish your ham during that time or just want to save some for later, you can freeze ham, too. Ham can be kept in the freezer for two months. When you’re ready, defrost it and return to those leftover ham recipes.

What to Do on Easter

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Even if your Easter celebration is a bit smaller than usual, you can still do all the fun activities that come with the holiday. Don’t skip out on these traditions just because there are fewer folks to enjoy them. Here are a few ideas you can use to celebrate:

  • Dye eggsYou don’t need any special ingredients or kits to dye Easter eggs at home. Grab some vinegar, water and food coloring and you’re ready to go.
  • Easter egg hunts: If you’ve got little ones at home, you can pull together an egg hunt in your back yard or even your living room. We recommend using plastic eggs filled with candy. Save the hard-boiled eggs for the brunch table.
  • Easter baskets: The same goes for Easter baskets. You can still fill and hide these at home—even if there are fewer friends around. Here are our favorite Easter candies to fill those baskets with.
  • Video chats: Even if you can’t be near your loved ones on Easter, make time to connect with them. A quick video call goes a long way. You can call any time of course, but it’s fun to coordinate your calls with dinner, dessert or even an Easter toast (mimosas highly encouraged!).
  • Cook with the kids: Cute Easter treats are a great way to spread springtime cheer while safe indoors, even if your Peanut Butter Easter Eggs happen to be decorated with last year’s Christmas sprinkles. Kids (and kids at heart) will love them all the same. Share them with friends and family by snapping a picture, or post it and tag us on social media using #TOHFoodie.

Just because you’re having a smaller Easter, doesn’t mean it’s any less festive and fun. Just grab your bunny ears, whip up this silly Peter Rabbit cake and enjoy the season! You’ll be hopping around before you know it.

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