Dunkin’ Just Added a Dunkfetti Doughnut to Its Menu

Now THIS is a morning pick-me-up!

Sure, we love the new year because it’s all about fresh starts. But if we’re being honest, we also love the new year because it’s when restaurants roll out new menus!

Not to be left out, Dunkin’ also revealed its 2021 menu, which is loaded with both new items and returning faves. Thankfully, the Stuffed Bagel Minis are back, but what we’re really excited about is the all-new Dunkfetti doughnut!

What Is the Dunkfetti Doughnut?

Dunkin’ is ringing in the new year with a celebratory Dunkfetti doughnut, which you can probably guess is a mashup of Dunkin’ + confetti. This is one of those treats where there’s not more than meets the eye—this doughnut isn’t all dolled up with elaborate decoration. Instead, it gets a simple glaze, and lets the colorful sprinkles do the talking.

The other menu items include gluten-free fudge brownies and the return of Snackin’ Bacon’ in the popular Sweet Black Pepper flavor. There will also be a new dark roast, aka Dunkin’ Midnight. Don’t forget, the Dunkin’ secret menu is still around, too.

When Is the Doughnut Available?

If the Dunkfetti doughnut is calling your name, you’d better put that Dunkin’ order in ASAP. This is a limited time promotion. Dunkin’ will only sell these through January 26, so if you want a taste of this rainbow goodness, head to your local store before the end of the month!

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