This Dunkin’ Employee Shares Tons of Behind-the-Scenes Hacks in Her Viral Videos

This Dunkin' employee is going viral on TikTok with her videos about secret drinks and money-saving hacks.

Dunkin’ has always been known for its baked goods and tasty coffee. But apparently there’s more to the chain than meets the eye.

During her shifts, Dunkin’ barista and TikTok user @jada.koma has been showing her fans some cool behind-the-scenes hacks on how loyal customers can make their experience even sweeter.

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How to Order a Drink No One Knows About

If you have a wicked sweet tooth and are in the mood for a sugar rush, you can order a Monster Energy Punch. The drink is simply two to four pumps of blue raspberry- or strawberry-flavored syrup and an entire can of Monster Energy.

@jada.komai know, y’all missed the dunkin vids🤪 #dunkin #fyp #drink♬ original sound – j

Before ordering this sugar bomb, beware of potential side effects.

How to Save Money on Your Breakfast

Here’s a helpful trick to save a couple bucks on Dunkin’ breakfast sandwiches, like the tasty, handheld Wake-Up Wraps.

Jada breaks it down for us: If you order two Bacon, Egg and Cheese Wake-Up Wraps, the total comes to $4.24. However, if you order two plain Egg and Cheese Wake-Up Wraps and ask for bacon (or any meat of your choice!) on the side, the price will be only $2.99.

@jada.komaComing at you with all these Dunkin hacks 🙂 #dunkindonuts #dunkin #fyp #wholesomeplottwist #food

♬ original sound – j

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How to Order a Butter Pecan Iced Coffee

This drink isn’t always on the menu—but when it is, Dunkin’ customers go nuts for it. The Butter Pecan Iced Coffee drink calls for ice, espresso, milk and a few generous pumps of Butter Pecan Swirl syrup.

@jada.komapov: butter pecan iced coffee with an espresso shot #dunkin #drink♬ original sound – j

You can also find all kinds of beverages on the Dunkin’ secret menu. You just have to know how to customize your order!

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