Betty Crocker JUST Started Making Real Dunkaroos Frosting

How much Dunkaroos is too much Dunkaroos? The limit does not exist!

If there’s one thing most of us millennials can agree on, it’s that Dunkaroos were basically THE best part of our childhood experiences. Whether we had a pack stuffed in our backpacks to share with our friends, or we had a whole slew of them in the pantry at home just waiting to be devoured, they were always there for us when we needed them.

Since their comeback in 2020, I’ve found myself thinking about Dunkaroos more than ever. And who can blame me? A little bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone. Well, it seems Betty Crocker really knows how to pile on the pleasure because now we’ve got Dunkaroos frosting to look forward to!

What’s in the Frosting?

This probably won’t be much of a surprise considering regular Dunkaroos come with a side of frosting in every pack. But Betty Crocker has just upped the ante by increasing the amount tenfold!

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Each jar of Dunkaroos frosting contains 16 ounces of delicious vanilla frosting peppered with our favorite rainbow sprinkles. From the label on the jar, it looks like these sprinkles aren’t too scrawny, either. And yes, it’s an entire pound of frosting! Use it on any dessert you want—you know, like these Dunkaroos cookies?

While I probably shouldn’t be admitting this, I used to eat jars of cream cheese frosting with a spoon while I sat down watching my favorite cartoons or playing some PlayStation 2. Will I be doing the exact same thing with this jar of frosting? Yes, I probably will. Hello, childhood!

When Can I Grab a Jar?

They’re currently set to release in March for a limited time only. You heard me—limited time only! That means grab one ASAP. I’m not kidding. This stuff’s going to run out sooner than you think. You can expect it will be in most major retail locations like Walmart, Kroger and Meijer.

Love everything Dunkaroos? Look out for the cereal and…beer?

Melany Love
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