Dunkaroos May Be Coming Out with a Cereal That Will Take You Straight Back to the ’90s

The newly rumored Dunkaroos cereal could be the answer to our breakfast dreams. Though not yet officially confirmed, we still patiently await its arrival.

Hold on to your jean jackets and Backstreet Boys tickets because Dunkaroos are blowing our minds yet again with the recently rumored addition to the cookie-dunkin’ family.

Not too long ago, we were hit with a flood of nostalgia as the dearly loved ’90s snack Dunkaroos announced their ultimate comeback for the summer of 2020. If the word Dunkaroo is gibberish to you, I’ll explain. The simple yet heavily-coveted snack was a cookie-icing duo packaged for dippin’ and dunkin’ either at lunch with your friends or as the greatest after school snack ever.

Dunkaroos Cereal May Be the Greatest Thing We Never Knew We Needed

Taking popular food items and recreating them as cereal is nothing new—take the Jolly Rancher cereal that came out not too long ago for example. Having sugar for breakfast was always something our parents said we couldn’t have. Well, at least of lot of TV show parents did. So, when we do have a bowl of crunchy, fun-shaped sugar morsels, we feel like a kid again.

Now, take one of the most popular sugar snacks of the ’90s and transform it into a breakfast miracle. That’s Dunkaroos cereal, baby! Instagram user @cereallife gave us a possible sneak peek into the exciting new treat.

The box has the reminiscent purple and blue Solo Jazz coloring that can’t help but be associated with the ’90s. Pictured on the front are the vanilla cookies we know and love now sprinkled with rainbow-confetti to remind us of the good ol’ days. They’re definitely transporting me to my childhood, but will the taste be as memorable? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So When Can We Expect It?

Hopefully ASAP, but for right now, they’re a “leaked” rumor that has yet to be officially confirmed. If Dunkaroos does release these, though, you can bet I’ll be stocking up on as many boxes as I possibly can. You can’t tell me what to eat for breakfast, Mom!

Melany Love
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