Duncan Hines Is Selling a Fruity Pebbles Cake Kit Right Now

Say happy birthday to Fruity Pebbles the tasty way with an epic Fruity Pebbles cake kit.

Fruity Pebbles, the iconic breakfast cereal based on The Flintstones, is turning 50 this year—seriously, can you believe it’s been around for half a century?—so we’re probably going to see a bunch of new food items celebrating that milestone this year. Even though it’s now common practice, in 1971 Fruity Pebbles became the first-ever brand that was a spin-off of a cartoon.

Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles coffee creamers debuted this month, and one of the latest launches is a collaboration with Duncan Hines. The classic cake mix brand has created a fun Fruity Pebbles cake kit that is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

What’s in the Fruity Pebbles Kit?

Called the Epic cake kit, these boxes contain everything you will need, including confetti cake mix reminiscent of Funfetti, vanilla frosting and cereal pieces for that burst of color and flavor. The mix includes all the ingredients for making a round, two-layer cake. You only have to provide the pans and a little creativity. Brush up on your cake-decorating skills here!

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Duncan Hines didn’t stop at Fruity Pebbles, though. The baking brand is also releasing a whole line of “Epic” treats, including a s’mores brownie kit that looks ultra-fudgy (with marshmallows on top, of course), a salted caramel brownie mix with pretzels and M&Ms for a garnish and a cookies and cream kit that’s the blueprint for a batch of old-fashioned whoopie pies. We can’t decide which one to bake first!

Where Do I Find Them?

According to IG account @markie_devo, these Fruity Pebbles cake kits will be launched in March—just around the corner, really—and should be carried nationwide at all of the usual stores like Target and Walmart. We can’t wait to get baking! In fact, we might just add this kit to our baking bucket list

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