Dr. Pepper Will Now Have a “Unicorn” Option

And we are VERY excited about it.

Why deal with the boring old label of a soda when you can choose your own? At least that’s what the people over at Dr. Pepper feel, which is why they are now offering options for customers around the country. Fortunately enough, unicorn labels are an option for the public. The world certainly is going unicorn crazy, even Snack Pack Pudding has a new “Magical Unicorn” flavor. And Dr. Pepper is finally hopping on board.

These Unicorn Dr. Peppers are part of a marketing scheme from the brand titled “Pick Your Pepper.” Customers can pick from a slew of designs when they grab a Dr. Pepper. Along with a jumping unicorn, you can also get labels with sloths, sharks, ninjas, sprinkles, llamas, spaceships, soccer players, fireworks and much more.

Where can I get one?

So how do you get said unicorn Dr. Pepper, or any of these festive labels for that matter? According to a 2016 press release during the first “Pick Your Pepper” campaign, you can pick one up at your local retailer. Will all of the creative labels be at your local grocery store? No one really knows. So if you want to find the unicorn label, it sounds like a summer treasure hunt is in order.

How does the campaign work?

Along with choosing a fun design, Dr. Pepper is calling for participants to choose their favorite and submit it to them for a free T-shirt. Not only is it a free T-shirt, but it’s also a T-shirt with the design that you claimed to be your favorite! So if you want to sip on unicorn Dr. Pepper while wearing a unicorn Dr. Pepper shirt, well, this is the perfect time to do it.

Here’s how it works: First, you have to buy three participating 12-pack or 7.5 oz. can packs of Dr. Pepper with your favorite design. Once you’ve done that, send a picture to Dr. Pepper via text of your store receipt. Once that is accepted, you can redeem your free Pick Your Pepper T-shirt! Wahoo!

Dr. Pepper

How long do I have to find unicorn Dr. Pepper?

If you’re all-in for a unicorn Dr. Pepper T-shirt, you have until August 15, 2018, to find three packs of Dr. Pepper with that label! And if you’re not the biggest fan of unicorns, you have many other label options to choose from.

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