Dr. Pepper Released a New Flavor for the First Time in 5 Years and It’s Berry Unusual

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry brings together the best of both worlds—berry and soda.

We thought our taste buds couldn’t be happier than they were when we first tried Orange Vanilla Coke, the first new Coke flavor in over a decade. With the release of a brand new Dr. Pepper flavor, we’ve never been more happy to be wrong.

It’s been five long years since the folks at Dr. Pepper gave us a new flavor to sip on, and now it’s finally here. We can’t wait to give Dr. Pepper Dark Berry a try.

What Exactly Is Dark Berry?

Inspired by the new Marvel film Spider-Man: Far From Home comes a dark and delicious flavor in a can fit for the big screen. (It’s almost as unique as Dr. Pepper Unicorn Edition.) The new flavor is reminiscent of Dr. Pepper Cherry with a twist, featuring the sticky sweet taste of blackberry, black currant and, of course, black cherry. Thanks to the popularity of Dr. Pepper’s cherry variants (regular and Cherry Vanilla), we’re thinking Dark Berry will be a big hit. Why not add this fruity fusion to our Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce?

Dark Berry comes in both a 12-pack and 24-pack of cans and individual and 8-packs of bottles. All of its packaging is decked out in a sleek midnight blue and features characters from the film. Because this flavor comes during a season of promotion for Spider-Man: Far From Home, it will only be swinging through stores for a limited time. If you want to get your hands on maybe the best Dr. Pepper flavor we’ve ever heard of, you’ll want to be quick!

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Where to Find It

While the film doesn’t open until July 5, you won’t have to wait until summer to enjoy this berry refreshing flavor. The new Dark Berry Dr. Pepper officially hit stores nationwide on May 1. You can find it in major retailers like Walmart and Target right now.

For all you dedicated moviegoers and soda drinkers, Fandango is offering free movie tickets with the purchase of three marked 12-packs, 24-packs or an 8-pack of the bottles. Don’t wait to get your Dr. Pepper Dark Berry before it disappears from stores for good.

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