Dove Just Announced Its Springiest Flavor Yet

The great Easter candy competition has top brands rolling out new treats. The latest Dove creation just might take the (carrot) cake.

Easter is prime time for brunch, egg hunting and—maybe the best part—candy! Plenty of the best brands raised the bar this year.

Dove, the monarch of milk chocolate, just stepped up to the Easter plate. We think the chocolatier might claim this year’s candy crown with an all-new holiday treat.

The Easter Bunny Would Be Proud

Dove took over the Valentine’s candy lineup with Pink Champagne and Milk Chocolate Swirl Hearts. Easter should be no different, because Dove has just bestowed the season’s most delicious combination. White Chocolate Carrot Cake with Graham Flavored Crisps is our brand-new springtime obsession.

Silky, smooth white chocolate meets the crumbly deliciousness of carrot cake in this new candy. Each decadent square includes graham chunks, a nod to real carrot cake texture with every bite. If this isn’t the most binge-worthy candy of 2019, we’re not sure what is.

Here’s how you can make carrot cake a tasty staple in your life.

Where to Find It

Got a craving for some carrot cake? We don’t blame you. Target and other major retailers may already be carrying the Dove White Chocolate Carrot Cake bites. If you can’t find them in-store, you can snag them from Target’s website. Each bag will set you back only $3.99.

Every chocolate is wrapped up in its own adorable Easter-themed foil. From bunny ears to a bundle of carrots, these candies would help make any Easter basket adorable. (And if you need more Easter basket ideas, we’ve got you covered.)

Because the candy is a springtime item, it probably won’t be around for long. Make like the Easter bunny and hop on into the store to hunt for your bag before it’s gone!

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