You Can Now Virtually Sit Inside Your Favorite Restaurant with These New Zoom Backgrounds

DoorDash and Zoom are here to complete your virtual dinner.

We’re all dealing with a bout of cabin fever right now, especially since we can’t eat at our favorite places. Of course, you can always host a virtual party, complete with all of the best recipes from The Cheesecake Factory’s online cookbook. Still, it doesn’t feel the same without the ambiance of the dining room. DoorDash decided to change that.

Liven up your online family dinner with all-new Zoom backgrounds from DoorDash featuring music and your favorite eatery. Virtual dining has never been so luxurious. (And yes, there’s a The Cheesecake Factory one, too.)

All About The Lunchroom

If you’re like us, you’re getting pretty accustomed to Zoom, the online video chatting service, and all of its amazing features. Now, you can change your background to suit the mood and your food. The Lunchroom is a program created by DoorDash that allows you to pick restaurant backgrounds perfect for your Zoom dinner, complete with a hand-curated Spotify playlist. Y’know, for atmosphere.

What’s better is you don’t have to play pretend, because you can order from your favorite restaurant using DoorDash, too! Get your grub on with any of the following restaurant backgrounds: The Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Baskin Robbins, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings, Auntie Anne’s, McDonald’s and Outback Steakhouse. If those aren’t really your scene, don’t worry, you can eat on the moon, too.

Here’s how to order from fast-food restaurants right now.

How to Get Started

All you have to do is go to The Lunchroom page and click your favorite restaurant to get started. You’ll have two options: Put in an order or download the background. (We suggest both.) Click download, and you’ll be transported straight to your weekend go-to.

Next, hop on Zoom, click the arrow next to your video button and select “change personal background.” Upload your image from The Lunchroom and voila! You’re dining right where you need to be. (Personally, we’re eating at The Cheesecake Factory tonight.)

Got some time to spare? Before dinner, take a day trip with these virtual tours.

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