‘Costco Doors’ Lead from Your Pantry to the Garage—and Yes, We Need One

This door in your pantry could be a huge time-saver.

If you live in a historic home, you’re more than familiar with quirky home fixtures, like all the little doors in old houses. You might use the mini closets or niches to store awkward items or think of them as part of the charm of an old house.

Now, mini doors are starting to appear in new homes. Your builder can add install a mini door with a modern purpose—introducing Costco doors, the feature people love in contemporary kitchens.

What Is a Costco Door?

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Costco doors directly connect your garage to the pantry. Such a good idea! It’s a grocery door—simply open the door and slide items inside. Having a Costco door can make unloading groceries easier, especially if you grocery shop to save money and buy in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club or Costco.

The name came about because most of the items at Costco come in bulk. You get a great deal, but the large packages aren’t always the easiest to carry into the house. That’s where this nifty door comes in handy!

Why Do People Need a Door from the Garage to the Pantry?

It can make unloading groceries so much easier! But a Costco door’s usefulness really depends on the home’s layout. Costco doors seem to work best in newer homes with large, walk-in pantries. If your pantry isn’t influencer-sized or has an awkward shape, a Costco door may actually be an inconvenience—TikTok user Jess Kitchen says her Costco door ended up being impractical.

Then, there’s the lifestyle factor—if you’re regularly buying bulk pantry items and have the storage space, you’d probably benefit from a Costco door. This modification can also help if you often restock large pantry items.

Be careful, though. This tiny door just begs people to crawl through, so keep an eye on your kids!

Sarra Sedghi
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