Domino’s Will Give You $3 to Deliver Your Own Pizza

Domino's is literally paying you to take your pizza home! Score Domino's carryout tips on your next order. And the order after that, and the order after that.

Domino’s Pizza is here to make your holiday season a little bit brighter. In case you missed it, the pizza chain launched a special deal in early 2022—but it wasn’t just any deal. In a major plot twist, Domino’s gave people a $3 tip for picking up their own pizzas instead of having them delivered. The promotion proved so popular the company gave out more than 17 million carryout tips, which is over $51,000,000 in savings for fans of the pizza brand.

The first run of the deal ended in late May 2022, but thankfully, Domino’s carryout tips are back for the holidays (and then some!), so you can save a bit of dough on your pizza pie.

When Will Domino’s Be Giving Away $3 Tips?

According to Domino’s official press release, you can snag a $3 delivery tip when you order a pizza for carryout online now through March 26, 2023. The promo began on Dec. 12 and considering it’s ongoing for three months, you’ll have plenty of time to save on your favorite pizza bites.

“We know the effort it takes to get up and leave the house in pursuit of a hot, delicious carryout pizza,” said Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president of customer and store experience, in the press release. “Domino’s diehard carryout customers are really like carryout heroes, and to show our gratitude, we’re giving them $3 to use on their next carryout order.”

With cash back so easy it seems too good to be true, you’ll want to know all the details about maximizing your Domino’s carryout tips.

What Do You Have to Order to Be Eligible for a $3 Tip?

Like any deal, there are some details you need to keep in mind. To be eligible for Domino’s carryout tips, place your carryout order online or through the Domino’s app. Then, ensure your order is at least $5 (including taxes but excluding donations and gratuities). When you’re ready, complete your order, and the website or app will prompt you to claim your $3 Carryout Tip. Don’t forget to claim it—you must select “Claim Your $3 Tip” to receive it.

Your $3 Domino’s tips will come via email and work like a coupon code, redeemable on an online purchase the following week. You can also combine the $3 coupon with a carryout special, maximizing your savings.

Still considering delivery? General rule of thumb is to tip your pizza delivery driver at least $5 or 15-20% of your bill.

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