This Is Dolly Parton’s Dream Birthday Cake

Find out what cake Dolly's slicing into to celebrate her big day.

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Dolly Parton is known publicly for her outstanding music career and infectious personality, but at home she’s known for her sweet tooth. That love of desserts may take its shape as her southern butterscotch pie,  Dollywood cinnamon bread or even her Duncan Hines cake mixes.

On her birthday, though, Dolly craves one particular sweet treat: chocolate cake.

Dolly Parton’s Ideal Birthday Cake

This Is Dolly Partons Favorite Cake Ft Via GettyTMB Studio, Getty Images

“My ideal birthday cake,” said Dolly when she spoke to Taste of Home, “would probably be a big ol’ chocolate cake with thick icing like my mama used to make for all us kids.”

And what sort of frosting covers a decadent chocolate cake? “Thick chocolate fudge icing,” said Dolly.

While Dolly didn’t have her mom’s favorite recipe on hand to share, our readers love this chocolate layer cake. It’s got nearly perfect reviews and it’s loved by Taste of Home staffers too.

What Dolly’s Baking This Year

Dolly Fy23 Innovations Baking Collection 01JB Rowland/Courtesy Dolly Parton

This January 19, Dolly is busy promoting her new Duncan Hines line of biscuits, cornbread and brownies, so she said that a towering chocolate cake isn’t in the cards.

Also, try Dolly Parton’s buttermilk biscuits which are easy to make, soft, and tender.

“I may have to get out there and make my own birthday cake,” she said. “After all, I’ve got all this good stuff and I’m in the kitchen,” Dolly said gesturing to her home full of cake mixes.

And take it from Dolly: You can always dress up a cake mix or brownie mix for a special occasion. “I’m always adding to anything that comes in a box: extra butter, extra of this, add some nuts to something that doesn’t have it, that sort of thing,” she explained.

Want to snag a few mixes for yourself? You can grab them from Duncan Hines—and look out for more Dolly x Duncan Hines mixes hitting stores this year.

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