Dollar Tree Prices Are Changing—and Now Some Things Will Be More Than $1

Dollar Tree prices are going up—here's why.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been to Dollar Tree in a while. But the store holds a special place in my heart when I think back to my middle and high school years, perusing the aisles for school craft supplies.

For shoppers who want deal on everyday items from clothes to dollar store food to house decor, Dollar Tree is one of the few places with everything at the unbeatable price of $1. That is, until now—if you’re a store regular, you may have noticed a jump in Dollar Tree prices lately.

Why Are Dollar Tree Prices Going Up?

Back in 2019, Dollar Tree began introducing Dollar Tree Plus! to select stores as a bit of an experiment. Dollar Tree Plus! has items with price points at $3 and $5, which means not everything is really $1. But enough people have been frequent shoppers that Dollar Tree Plus! is expanding. It looks like the $3 and $5 items will soon 500 stores, up from the 120 stores they were at in March 2021.

While this is only about 3% of the total Dollar Tree stores, it’s likely that you’ll run into higher prices at the Dollar Tree near you in the future if the company continues to expand.

This is what usually keeps dollar store prices so low.

What You Need to Know About Dollar Tree Plus!

Keep in mind that Dollar Tree Plus! is being added to the existing Dollar Tree inventory that lives up to the $1 price name—not replacing it. That means not everything in the store will exceed that $1 price point. The initiative comes as a way for Dollar Tree to expand its product line with things like kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies.

So, while not everything in Dollar Tree is more than $1, some items are. If you want to know more about your local Dollar Tree’s items and price points, it’s best to ask a manager if Dollar Tree Plus! will appear near you. And while you’re there, check out these best-value items from Dollar Tree.

If you’re looking for more discount shopping options, check out Dollar General, too!

Hannah Twietmeyer
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